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Life of bintu Hassan, parents support can make a difference in a child's life

I will start by writing my name

My name is khadija Hassan Ibrahim known as bintu Hassan, I am 20 years old ,I am the eldest daughter of my family,I am a Nigerian ,I was born in kano ,I did both my nursery, primary and high school in kano.

When I was in junior secondary school my mother want me to study chemistry and my dad he want me to become a nurse,but I want to study something else.

My mom and dad they usually argue about what they want me study ,mom would say :"I want her to study this and dad would say no I want her to study that",then one night when we are having a family's talk they start arguing about what they want me study,then I stop them saying mom dad I am sorry but I want to study something else and they support me.

So after I graduate from secondary school I wrote the joint admission and matriculation board exams (jamb),but unfortunately I didn't get the required mark ,I had to wait for another year.

It was on a bright morning , after i finish the house hold chores,I lay down wanted to relax a bit then I heard my phone ringing,it was my dad calling so I picked the call ،he told me to come and meet him in the near by internet cafe , without hesitation I rushed as fast as I could, when I went their he handed me a form, when I look at the form It was for kano state polytechnic,I was like me studying in kano poly no way,my dad said to me walida ( that's what my family call usually

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